Come experience fresh trans talent, music, and artwork at the event of the season!

Trans folks and allies are invited to attend the TransLiberation Art Coalitions Fall 2018 show! This event features transgender artists, writers, performers, and makers. Come support their work, build a better community, and join us in joy and power as we push for a brighter future.

The 2018 Fall Show's theme is...

"Joyous Connections and Reflections"


We welcome all types work, but this showcase is especially focused on pieces that emphasize the joyous connections and reflections that make our community strong. For more detailed information about the content we do and do not allow, check out our Content Guidelines in our Accessibility section.


"I'm worried I'm not 'trans enough', can I still participate in the show?"

If you identify anywhere along the trans spectrum then you're welcome to show at our event. We are not here to police anyone's gender presentation or appearance. 

If you're a cisgender ally, we invite you to attend the event and support the artists and performers present, but this is not the space to showcase your work. 

"I don't live in the Madison area/don't have transportation to the show. Can I still attend?"

Thanks to our partnerships with pro-LGBTQ organizations, we may have options for you! Please contact us about your transportation needs and we'll see what we can do to help.

"I want to help support this show and future events. How can I do that?"

You can support the show financially by contributing to our GoFundMe page or by becoming a sponsor. For volunteer opportunities, please contact us at

Kaci Sullivan and TK Morton Accepting  Outreach's Organization of the Year award in 2017

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