It's a space story, virtual gallery and video game set in the future. The exact date is unknown to the player.
Welcome to the luxury gay space communism of the future!

Unfortunately, all of humanity has died out, and this cultural time capsule is all that's left. Fortunately, this time capsule is the very best that humanity has to offer: the art, creativity and expression of its queers.

You're an alien being that's stumbled upon this human relic. As you make your way through the game, exploring the various galleries and sponsor spaces, you collect clues and documents. Each artist and sponsor will be represented by unique gallery spaces that hold clues and secrets from the past. The player can opt to collect these items as they peruse the virtual space. If all the clues are discovered, a portal is unlocked.

Depending on where things are at COVID-wise, this virtual event may also be paired with a live event in early December of 2021. This would be a winter gala sharing the futuristic, post-apocalyptic theme of the virtual gallery.

Trans artists from all over the world will be asked to create work specifically for this concept. Artist makeup will be at least 50% POC, 50% disabled and 50% femme

To anyone interested in supporting this project:

Wanna help create an amazing, permanent virtual space where trans people can access the art, music and lived experience of their people? Obviously you do! Because you realize that now more than ever the trans community needs your support and protection. You know and love trans people, and you want to be part of the answer!

Ways to help:

-Donate Directly (
-Amplify fundraising efforts by sharing them with your friends and family


"I'm worried I'm not 'trans enough', can I still participate in the show?"

If you identify anywhere along the trans spectrum then you're welcome to show at our event. We are not here to police anyone's gender presentation or appearance. 

If you're a cisgender ally, we invite you to attend the event and support the artists and performers present, but this is not the space to showcase your work. 

"I don't live in the Madison area/don't have transportation to the show. Can I still attend?"

Thanks to our partnerships with pro-LGBTQ organizations, we may have options for you! Please contact us about your transportation needs and we'll see what we can do to help.

"I want to help support this show and future events. How can I do that?"

You can support the show financially by contributing to our GoFundMe page or by becoming a sponsor. For volunteer opportunities, please contact us at

Kaci Sullivan and TK Morton Accepting  Outreach's Organization of the Year award in 2017

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